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Dec 26 2012 Top Reasons to choose Safeco Insurance for your Landlord Protection Needs If you own rental property then you know that owning it is a long-term investment, and this is the main reason why it needs to be... more

Make Sure Your Holidays Stay Happy … and Safe

Dec 3 2012 You'll no doubt hear the phrase "Happy Holidays!" about a thousand times over the next month. Here at RightSure Insurance, we'd like to change that a little bit: "Happy - and Safe - Holidays!" While the... more

Ten Reasons to Insure with Encompass

Nov 28 2012 Ten Reasons you should insure with Encompass Insurance. Clients often call us after we have insured them with Encompass and remark about how truly amazed they are that consolidating insurance can be so simple.... more

Tips for Preparing for Your Holiday Driving Trip

Nov 1 2012 Millions of Americans will do some traveling this holiday season - the majority of it by car. Of course, winter weather creates a unique set of challenges on the roadways, whether you're simply driving around... more


Oct 2 2012 ARIZONA NOTARY PUBLIC BOND - Looking for an Arizona Notary Public Bond ? We Can Help! Download our 1 Page Easy App. If you need more information about an Arizona Notary Public Bond, please visit the Arizona... more

Halloween Safety: Be Ready When the Little Goblins Come Out

Oct 2 2012 It's a night full of treats for both kids and adults in Tucson. But a number of factors - including lots of people walking in the dark, the threat of wet and stormy weather, strangers coming to your door -... more


Sep 13 2012 CAR INSURANCE CASA GRANDE - Looking for Car Insurance in Casa Grande ? We are an Independent Agency that Represents Progressive Insurance and others for Car Insurance in Casa Grande Arizona. View our Short... more


Sep 10 2012 TUCSON HOME INSURANCE AGENT - This is A True Story I was returning from lunch at OM yesterday Sep 5 2012, when my Iphone rang from a long term client. She said she just had coffee with a friend and the... more


Sep 6 2012 An Overworked Housewife finds some Peace. ( kinda ) Lets call her Amanda ( because that's her real name ). According to Amanda she was referred to us by another client and she visited our website several... more

When the Kids Head for College, Put “Insurance 101" on Your Class List

Sep 5 2012 It's an exciting time when your child heads off to college. Whether they're attending school in Arizona or have moved all the way across the country, there were a ton of things to get done last month, but did... more


Sep 4 2012 Wine Collection Insurance for the Wine Enthusiast - A self professed wine enthusiast came to the realization one day, that he had somehow collected over $200,000 dollars worth of wine. This was not including... more


Sep 3 2012 Vacant Property Insurance for Arizona - If you own rental properties, by accident or by design, you need to have an insurance policy that is designed to protect your rental properties specifically. If your... more


Aug 27 2012 Manufactured Home Insurance Quotes Tucson, Casa Grande and all of Arizona. - If you are looking for Insurance for your Manufactured Home, Mobile Home, Travel Trailer or Fifth Wheel we can help. We're... more


Aug 22 2012 Personal Insurance for Athletes and Sports Stars - A Professional Athlete with an Insurance Injury. A professional Athlete with homes and cars on each coast had an Insurance Nightmare. ( or injury in sports... more


Aug 21 2012 The Teenager Insurance Dilemma - A Business Executive was facing an auto insurance dilemma. He and his wife shared three high end luxury vehicles. Enter an 18 year old son who confuses the gas pedal for the... more


Aug 21 2012 Insurance for his Home Library - A well published Author needed Insurance for his Home Library. A well published Author Was returning to his childhood home in Tucson Arizona after living abroad. Being that... more


Aug 20 2012 Insurance for Multiple Homes - A Renowned Surgeon Reluctantly becomes a Property Manager. A Renowned Surgeon reluctantly became an overworked Property Manager after he had amassed 8 different Rental Homes... more


Aug 9 2012 Progressive Snapshot Agent - Perhaps you have heard about Progressives Snapshot Discount and were curious about exactly what it tracks, DOESNT track and is it really worth using ?. We are a Progressive... more

Car Insurance Tucson

Aug 9 2012 Looking for Car Insurance in Tucson ? We are an Independent Agency that Represents Progressive and others for Car Insurance in Tucson. The List of Products we offer are below: Progressive Insurance... more

Get the Most Out of Your RV This Summer

Aug 1 2012 There's nothing quite like taking a road trip in an RV. Whether you're headed to somewhere nearby or somewhere farther away this summer, RightSure Insurance Group wants you to get the most out of your travels.... more

Make Your Vacation a Great One

Jul 2 2012 Whether you're planning a trip to a local attraction in Arizona this summer, or headed all the way across the country, you want your vacation to be relaxing. It's a getaway from work, not to mention your day-... more

A Home Inventory & Arizona Home Insurance

Jun 1 2012 Why should I have an inventory & Arizona Home Insurance? - Your furniture and appliances, clothing, sports or hobby equipment, and electronic goods are all regarded as personal property. Like many people... more

Safety Tips for Your Boat Trailer

May 1 2012 When purchasing a trailer in Arizona or elsewhere, stay within recommended capacity guidelines. When determining capacity, remember to include the weight of fuel and accessories in addition to the weight of... more


Apr 6 2012 A PROGRESSIVE INSURANCE AGENT - Looking for an Independent Agent that represents Progressive Insurance ? Licensed in 32 states, and appointed as A Progressive Insurance Agent, we are experts at... more

Be Safe on Your Motorcycle

Apr 2 2012 To stay safe on Tucson streets, you need the right skills to control your ride, and the best safety equipment for just-in-case. RightSure Insurance cares about your safety - so keep these helpful tips in mind... more


Mar 21 2012 RENTERS INSURANCE QUOTES TUCSON - This is A True Story. Tuesday March 20th 2:29 pm. I am sitting at my computer ( aren't we all - all the time, these days ) my phone rings and I get an instant message from... more


Mar 9 2012 WORK COMP INSURANCE ARIZONA - If you owned your business for any length of time, you have probably noticed that the cost of having Work Comp Insurance in Arizona has gone up. There are a number of things... more


Mar 7 2012 ARIZONA WORKERS COMP INSURANCE - If you have employees, you need Workers Comp. Most weeks we receive calls from Small Business Owners wanting to understand Arizona Workers Comp Insurance. We love these... more

Homeowner's Insurance Tucson

Mar 6 2012 Homeowner's Insurance Tucson - Tucson homeowners who have mortgages are usually required to have home insurance. Buyers, especially first-time buyers may think that the insurance that satisfies the lender... more

Landlord & Rental Property Insurance

Mar 6 2012 Landlord and Rental Property Insurance Tucson & Oro Valley - March 6, 2012 If you make or supplement your living by buying Investment Properties, WE HAVE GOOD NEWS. Our Landlord and Rental Property... more

Spring is Coming!

Mar 1 2012 With the days getting longer and the weather getting warmer, we're starting to think about spring. (Or at least hoping that springtime is coming, anyway.) And whether spring arrives on time, we've got you... more

A Condo Insurance Nightmare

Feb 27 2012 Condo Insurance Experts in Arizona | RIGHTSURE INSURANCE GROUP - A Condo Insurance Nightmare February 27, 2012 This is a True Story. I just returned from lunch with a friend today ( Feb 27th 2012 ). Although... more


Feb 21 2012 Vacant Home Insurance for Tucson Arizona - Having trouble getting Vacant Home Insurance in Tucson Arizona ? Most Insurors don't love offering Vacant Home Insurance. But we represent several who do. A vacant... more


Feb 16 2012 RIGHTSURE INSURANCE GROUP | Links to Product Pages - A client recently commented on some of our blogs and asked if we would post a link to all products offered. I thought to myself " that's what our webpage... more


Feb 14 2012 A SAFECO INSURANCE AGENT in ARIZONA | RIGHTSURE INSURANCE GROUP - If you are in need of a SAFECO Insurance Agent in Arizona, you have found the right page. We are proud to have been a Safeco Insurance Agent... more


Feb 9 2012 TUCSON HOME INSURANCE AGENCY | RIGHTSURE INSURANCE GROUP Tucson Home Insurance Agency information: February 8, 2012 A True Story. It's 5:03, the office is closed, our phones are set to after hours greetings... more

Why do I need an SR22 for Arizona | Rightsure Insurance Group

Feb 7 2012 WHY DO I NEED AN SR22 | RIGHTSURE INSURANCE GROUP Its a question we hear almost weekly, Why Do I need an SR22 ? Lets talk about What an SR22 is and answer the question - of Why do I need an SR22 with another... more

I need an SR22 for Arizona | RIGHTSURE INSURANCE GROUP

Feb 7 2012 I need an SR22 for Arizona | RightSure Insurance Group Feb 7 2012 Just before 5 pm today our phone rang with a client out of breath and approaching a panic attack. I heard him screaming into the phone " I... more


Feb 3 2012 TUCSON HOME INSURANCE - Need Tucson Home Insurance ? Whether you own or rent, correctly insuring your Tucson Home for Insurance can help protect you financially if you suffer a loss due to fire, theft,... more


Feb 3 2012 BUSINESS AUTO INSURANCE QUOTES | RIGHTSURE INSURANCE GROUP Seven Business Auto Insurance Myths Debunked - By Ryan Furmick, business auto product manager, Progressive Commercial Your vehicles are the... more

Filing a Progressive Claim - We make it easy

Feb 3 2012 Tucson Progressive Agency | RightSure Insurance Group | Making Claims Easy. Car insurance may be one of the last things that comes to mind when you think about saving time, but the insurance company you... more

Prepare for Driving In Bad Weather Before You Hit the Road

Feb 1 2012 Rain, fog, sleet, snow, ice and wind... bad weather is the enemy of every driver in Arizona. RightSure Insurance wants you and your employees to be safe. Even if you are satisfied that your vehicle and all of... more


Jan 31 2012 TUCSON ARIZONA | INSURING the TEENAGE DRIVER | RIGHTSURE INSURANCE GROUP A more appropriate title for this blog would have been, HELP, My Teenager is driving ! We know, it happened in the blink of an eye. It... more


Jan 29 2012 TUCSON ARIZONA | FLOOD INSURANCE EXPERTS | RIGHTSURE INSURANCE GROUP It seems like every month we receive a call from A Loan Officer, Real Estate Agent or New Home Buyer asking questions about Flood Insurance.... more


Jan 29 2012 - Tucson Arizona Based RightSure Insurance Group Represents The Following Progressive Insurance Products. - Occasionally, we receive a phone call from clients that acquired a Motorcycle or Jet Ski over the... more


Jan 25 2012 SAFECO INSURANCE AGENT in TUCSON - RIGHTSURE INSURANCE GROUP - Do you Sell SAFECO INSURANCE ? or the other one we hear a lot is are you a SAFECO AGENT in TUCSON. Both of these questions are asked daily around... more

Tucson Home Insurance Agent - Stats and Info

Jan 25 2012 TUCSON HOME INSURANCE AGENT - RIGHTSURE INSURANCE GROUP Many times people call our office asking " how is homeowners insurance priced ? " We agree that the pricing seems to be " all over the map " and in... more

Renters Insurance for Tucson - yes we do !

Jan 24 2012 Why Do I need Renters Insurance for tucson, is a question we hear just about daily. There are many reasons why you should have Renters Insurance for tucson, but lets talk about what Renter's Insurance Covers.... more

Casa Grande Progressive Agent - RightSure Insurance Group

Jan 23 2012 Casa Grande Progressive Insurance Agent - RightSure Insurance Group - Casa Grande Progressive Insurance Agency - RightSure Insurance Group is celebrating its one year anniversary at the Promenade Shopping... more

Tucson Home Insurance - A Quiz

Jan 23 2012 HOME INSURANCE TUCSON - Let's try a little exercise: Can you list everything you own from memory? - Didn't think so. The fact is most people own more things than they realize. It's easy to remember the cars,... more

All About Umbrella Insurance

Jan 23 2012 Umbrella Insurance Agency TUCSON ARIZONA | Why Do I need an Umbrella Insurance Policy ? It's a question we hear over and over again. Do I really need this umbrella insurance policy ? We get it, we know times... more

Motorcycle Insurance in Tucson

Jan 23 2012 TUCSON ARIZONA | Tucson Motorcycle Insurance Agency TRUE STORY, just happened today. Caller: Do you guys sell Motorcycle Insurance ? RIGHTSURE AGENT: Yes, we happen to be one of the largest writers of... more

We're A Tucson Progressive Insurance Agency

Jan 22 2012 TUCSON ARIZONA | Progressive Insurance Agents in Tucson Many people visit our offices in Tucson and Casa Grande with one thing on their minds. Can you quote me with Progressive Insurance OR the alternate... more

Arizona Home Insurance - Q&A

Jan 20 2012 Do You Have Enough Coverage to - Rebuild Your Home? - TUCSON ARIZONA | ARIZONA HOME INSURANCE Q& A One of the most often asked Arizona Home Insurance questions we hear is: How can you say my house costs... more

RightSure Offers Live Chat Support via web

Jan 20 2012 TUCSON ARIZONA | RightSure offers Live Chat Via RIGHTSURE.COM and FaceBook. RightSure announces the release of its fully integrated website and facebook page that now offer consumers the ability to Live Chat... more

Green Cars are here to stay

Jan 19 2012 RIGHTSURE INSURANCE GROUP | CAR INSURANCE TUCSON | - Green Cars Gain Momentum - There's a new buzz in the air when it comes to car shopping these days. The green car movement is gaining momentum, as... more

Got Water - where it shouldn't be ?

Jan 18 2012 When Water Goes Where It Shouldn't - RIGHTSURE INSURANCE GROUP | Home Insurance in Tucson and Casa Grande | Even a small leak can become a major problem, so knowing what you're covered for and how to prevent... more

The Importance of Renters Insurance

Jan 17 2012 The Importance of Renters Insurance - Tucson Arizona | Renters Insurance | We can help. If you live in Tucson or Casa Grande Arizona, chances are you will be required to have renter's insurance. Despite the... more

Winter Storms Ahead: Are you Ready ?

Jan 17 2012 Winter Storms Ahead: Are You Ready? - Tucson Arizona | Home Insurance | Winter is Coming, get ready. First, THANK YOU to Tucson, Casa Grande and Arizona residents who allow us to provide your Home Insurance.... more

RightSure Re-Launches Website

Jan 12 2012 Tucson Arizona | January 12, 2012 Car Insurance has a new website home in Tucson and Casa Grande Arizona. RIGHTSURE INSURANCE GROUP announces the Re-launch and Re-design of its website. Vice President... more

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