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Winter Storms Ahead: Are you Ready ?

Winter Storms Ahead:
Are You Ready?

Tucson Arizona | Home Insurance | Winter is Coming, get ready.

First, THANK YOU to Tucson, Casa Grande and Arizona residents who allow us to provide your Home Insurance.

We admit it: As Arizona insurance pros, our picture of winter isn’t exactly cozy. Winter storms ( think Mt. Lemmon and Flagstaff ) mean traffic snarls, hillsides turning to sheets of ice, and cars sliding around like hockey pucks. Cold temperatures can cause pipes to burst, frost swells and other damage.

And, if that wasn't enough, the items we use to heat our home (fireplaces and holiday lighting) can increase the risk of fire.

FEAR not though, we have a few good tips below to help you make it through to the joyous world famous Arizona Springtime.

A picture-perfect winter requires a few precautions

Here are a few of our top tips to help reduce weather-related hassles this winter.

Winter-proof your car with good snow tires or chains, new wiper blades, antifreeze, and emergency road supplies. Go ahead and add a spare blanket to your trunk - just in case.

Husbands keep your wifes car " on the other side " of the gas gauge. That would be the FULL side - I know it was foreign to me too, but it makes the ladies happy and you will be loved and appreciated.

Do not overload circuits with holiday decorations.

When winter storms hit, be smart

If you do not have to drive, stay put.

If you must drive, make sure you’ve winterized the car and take a fully charged cell phone, extra jacket etc ( again - just in case )

When the air is cold, keep bath and kitchen cabinet doors open so warm air can circulate around pipes.

If pipes do freeze, let them thaw normally—they’ll be less likely to burst.

And if the power is out, make sure you avoid leaving candles or fires burning unattended. If you use a portable generator, follow the instructions and do not use it indoors.

Know what your insurance covers

We want to help you rest easy.  You will be more relaxed when you know you have prepared your property to lessen the chance of winter storm damage. Your insurance policy covers repair or rebuilding costs. However, your deductible does apply. Check your policy to see what is covered and to confirm the deductible you have chosen.

If you are going to be stuck inside anyway, NOW is the perfect time to complete a Home Inventory Worksheet.  http://www.rightsure.com/home-inventory-worksheet.pdf

If you have any questions at all about your coverage, call us 520-901-7010 or you can use our Facebook page for most policy servicing functions www.facebook.com/rightsure.

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