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I need an SR22 for Arizona | RIGHTSURE INSURANCE GROUP

I need an SR22 for Arizona | RightSure Insurance Group

Feb 7 2012

Just before 5 pm today our phone rang with a client out of breath and approaching a panic attack.

I heard him screaming into the phone " I need an SR22 for Arizona " ( which prompted our Service Rep to inquire as to why. ) He repeated " I need an SR22 for Arizona " ( shouting now ) because my license is suspended over a ticket I truly forgot to pay!

First, we needed to verify why the SR-22 for Arizona was needed as sometimes an SR26 is required (See why do I need an SR22). Once we determined that the SR for Arizona was required, we simply advised the caller that we can handle the insurance and filing the SR22 for him. There was no need for him to leave his house and drive to our office, we processed everything over the phone, filed his SR22 for Arizona and emailed him a copy of the filing the next day.

What started with a very stressed out demand of I need an SR22 for Arizona, actually worked out very well. We of course were able to satisfy his filing, advised him to keep copies with him in every vehicle he drives and began what we hope is a long term relationship with another satisfied client.

You may not ever have to call us screaming I need an SR22 for Arizona, but if you do, we will be happy to help.

We can file your SR22 for Arizona with the DMV directly, so there is no need to come to our office, although if driving is your thing, we are happy to have you stop by.

Visit us online at www.rightsure.com or call us TOLL FREE 877.917.5295

P.S. If you do call, please calmly state " I need an SR22 for Arizona " we'll get you setup quickly.