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Prepare for Driving In Bad Weather Before You Hit the Road

Rain, fog, sleet, snow, ice and wind… bad weather is the enemy of every driver in Arizona. RIGHTSURE wants you and your employees to be safe. Even if you are satisfied that your vehicle and all of its components are in good operating condition, bad weather demands that you take a few more precautions before hitting the road. At regular intervals, especially during the winter months, check the following items.

Abrasive Material: A bag of kitty litter or similar material will help you get moving under snowy or icy conditions

Battery: Does it need to be charged or replaced? Cold weather puts extra strain on a battery. Always keep jumper cables in your vehicle.

Brakes: Are they properly adjusted? Should they be replaced? Good brakes are more important than ever during the winter months. If you have an anti-lock braking system (ABS), make sure it is working.

Chains: Do you carry them? They can be a real help on ice or snow.

Cooling system: Be sure the cooling system is free from leaks. Does it need more anti-freeze? Should it be flushed and refilled?

Defroster: Are the defroster and heater working properly? Make sure they can keep the interior from fogging and the windshield free from ice.

Engine: Have you had a recent tune-up? This is a must in cold weather to prevent slow starts and stalling.

Exhaust System: Check to make sure the muffler and exhaust pipe are free from leaks. Carbon monoxide from a faulty exhaust system can threaten your life.

Lights: Keep all lights clean and working properly (high and low-beam headlights, taillights, brake lights, directional signals).

Restraints: Keep lap and shoulder belts clean and accessible, and be sure to use them. Restraints can keep you behind the wheel and in control if the vehicle suddenly skids.

Tires: Are they properly inflated? Are treads in good condition and wheels aligned and balanced? Consider changing to snow tires.

Windshield Wipers and Washer: Keep wiper blades in good condition and be sure they are set at the proper pressure to sweep snow off the windshield. Keep plenty of windshield washer anti-freeze handy.

RIGHTSURE can provide you with tools for fleet driving training and additional information to help reduce crashes in everyday driving. Just give us a call at 520-917-5295 or contact us today!