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February 8, 2012

A True Story.

It's 5:03, the office is closed, our phones are set to after hours greetings and the website chat with an agent is offline.

I am walking towards the exit when I see a very nicely dressed woman with her smart phone held up to her ear by her shoulder and both arms shaking our door to ( I guess ) verify if it is really locked.

I reach down to unlock it and before I can ask can I help you - she blurts out....I'm on the phone with your office and its giving me your website address to visit, BUT ( she hangs up, looks at me and says ) I need Home Insurance right now. I found your website blog that said you are a Tucson Home Insurance Agency and I drove right down here, but I guess I am too late.

Inviting her into the office, I smiled, ( I had just written the blog about being a Tucson Home Insurance Agency the very week before )

Yes, I said we are a Tucson Home Insurance Agency and I can help you with your home insurance right now as long as the homes not on fire, or currently being burglarized. ( I laughed, she didn't ) She knew what she wanted, it was Insurance for her home from a Tucson Home Insurance Agency. So I dispensed with the sad attempt at humor and got right to work.

20 Minutes later: We had her new policy issued, application signed and an invoice to her Mortgagee to pay the premium.

This kind of exchange happens frequently for us at RightSure. Busy professional people are, WELL, BUSY. Which often times leads to lapses in insurance that they need taken care of quickly. They aren't bad people or high risk, they are just busy. Aren't we all ?

By the way, if you find yourself needing help from a Tucson Home Insurance Agency - we would love the opportunity to help you.

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