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If you have employees, you need Workers Comp.

Most weeks we receive calls from Small Business Owners wanting to understand Arizona Workers Comp Insurance. We love these phone calls as it gives us a chance to help our clients understand the different options of purchasing Arizona Workers Comp Insurance policies. NOTE - ASK Us about the cash flow friendly option when calling.

A brief history of Workers Comp Insurance

Workers Compensation is an insurance policy that has been around for a long time. Since 1911, businesses have had to buy a policy to cover their exposures of employees being injured on the job. The policy also aids workers in getting the financial help they need due to the injury they sustained. Over time each state has developed regulations for companies to follow so they can stay compliant with the law. When speaking about a state, specific workers compensation policy people will refer to the state name and then the policy; such as Arizona workers comp insurance.

The Arizona Workers Comp Insurance Policy

Businesses in the state of Arizona have to have a policy that covers the cost of an injured employee. An injured employee will have a number of expenses that will be a direct result of the injury. They will medical costs, loss of wages, rehabilitation costs and number of other expenses that the company will be required to cover. A company that does not have an Arizona workers comp insurance policy will find that they are in danger of financial ruin because of one claim.

Arizona Workers Comp Insurance Pricing

Like all insurance products there is a cost to having this kind of policy. An Arizona workers comp insurance policy will have a yearly premium that must be paid in order to protect the business from an undesired loss. The cost of not having a policy is far more devastating than having to pay a yearly renewal.

When calculating the cost of Arizona workers comp insurance policy, be sure to consider the needs of your company. The policies can be tailored to a point to meet the needs of your business.

If you are a small business owner and need help with Arizona Workers Comp Insurance, please visit us or call us at 520-901-7010

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Saturday, June 2, 2012 at 2:28pm MST

Most homeowners pciloies have medical payments coverage that applies to a third party without regard to fault. The problem is that the limit of liability is usually quite low because it is intended to pay for immediate emergency type of expenses. Most pciloies cover only $1,000. with the opportunity to endorse a higher amount but few increase the standard amount.You said it will be a long time before he works again. Medical payments will not cover loss of wages.The plumber needed to purchase a health insurance policy and a disability policy. Otherwise he has to sue his own client and prove that the homeowners negligence was the direct cause of his injury.

YOUR COMMENTS are accurate, but not as they apply to Workers Comp and the above article was work comp related NOT Home Owners.. THANKS for the input.

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