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This is A True Story.

Tuesday March 20th 2:29 pm.

I am sitting at my computer ( aren't we all - all the time, these days ) my phone rings and I get an instant message from our website at the exact same time.

The Chat window pops up and my phone is ringing in unison ( it's a chorus of quite lovely music- which at this point is going to make me miss the return phone call I promised a client by 2:30.) The Instant Message reads as follows:

Renters Insurance Quotes Tucson. The next line says ( question mark  ? ) My assumption IS, the client needed a Renters Insurance Quotes for Tucson. 

Meanwhile, back at my phone, the caller asks as follows:

I was just on your youtube channel and I saw you offer Renters Insurance Quotes for Tucson. I am just moving in to an apartment and need Renters Insurance before I can move in.

I responded to the phone caller while replying to the person from our Website Instant Chat and basically told them both, that we can either quote them with several different Insurance Companies over the phone, or that they could quote themselves via our website. Both clients chose to speak with us over the phone as they had several questions abour roommates stuff etc. 

At the end of the call I learned that the caller and the chat were actually the same person, and he just wanted answers quickly so he chatted and called us at the same time. I am happy to say that we assisted him with his RENTERS INSURANCE QUOTES for TUCSON and that he is now a new policyholder and client.

By The way, if we can help you with Renters or any other type of insurance please visit us at online, or call us at 520-901-7010

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Sunday, June 3, 2012 at 2:01am MST

Most places will give you a free quote, meinang no charge for it. if you want an accurate quote though, they will have to run your credit, which should still be of no charge to you. And they don’t just run a regular credit report, each company has their own matrix and a copy of your credit report will be of no use to them. anyplace that charges you is a place to stay away from!
THANKS FARID, Rightsure does NOT Charge for this service.

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