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Alfa Romeo Insurance


How to Correctly Insure your Alfa Romeo.

Alfa Romeo owners are passionate people who are enthusiastically devoted to their cars. I know this to be a fact as I insure many of them in the 42 states the we do business.

It all started a little while ago when I received a call from a client in Northern California. We insured his motorcycles. ( My company also happens to insure almost 4000 motorcycle clients and I know them to also be very passionate about their bikes.)

Anyway, this client, we will call him Jim ( because that's his name ) and I were talking about the need for some white line therapy and all the joys that riding on the weekends brings, when he changed the conversation from Motorcycles to his OTHER true love. Jim started talking about his Alfa Romeo. In just a few short sentences he went from happy man to super-excited jolly man AND the more he discussed his Alfa Romeo the happier he got. ( which of course is infectious ) and I noticed that I was talking in a very high pitched voice with ever escalating ear piercing shrieks of " tell me more "  ( Like I said Alfa Romeo owners are passionate ) and I was learning first hand the small, close knit group of AROC owners and OH how they love their cars.

After Jim and I hung up the phone it occured to me that passionate people are kind of like magnets in that they draw passionate people around them.

Like Alfa Romeo Owners, I too am a bit of a zealot when it comes to Insurance. ( i know it sounds odd, but it's true ) and once you surrender to the fact that you were meant to be Mr. Motorcycle and Alfa Romeo Insurance Guy it kind of fits well. Think of how your best tailored shirt or favorite pair of pants feels. Thats how Insurance feels for me and all the staff at RightSure.

Over the past several months I began working with our web design people to design a simple ( emphasis on the SIMPLE ) webpage that discussed my agencies passion for insuring Alfa Romeos.

The end result is ( I hope ) a stylish yet easy to navigage webpage that allows Alfa Romeo owners to learn more about us and our desire to be Alfa Romeo Insurance Specialists, along with offering clients that are interested in quoting themselves for Alfa Romeo Insurance, the ability to do so. You will notice in our insure my alfa romeo page that we have four options for clients to quote themselves. 

Of course I recommend you call us, as this is what we do for a living. We don't charge any fees and it doesn't cost any more to use our agency. Most times we find the discounts that software and programming monkeys just don't think about.

I also feel the need to stress that engaging in dialogue with me or one of our agents allows us to learn if your car is just a show car, or driven less than 2000 miles ( big discounts ) or needs an agreed value in case of loss, along with many other variables.

I am including a link to my staff here and recommend starting with Juliette - as she has handled more classic and antique auto insurance dealings than any of us. Juliette can be reached Toll Free at 877-917-5295.

Thank you for taking the time to read this article.

More Information about us is below:

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