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Vespa Insurance

Insuring your Vespa.

True Story: "Word for Word", Happened on December 10 2013.

Us: Thank you for Calling RightSure Insurance Group, how can I help you ?

Client: Yeah, um, Dude, listen, Dude, um do you guy's like ah can I get some insurance for my like Vespa Scooter and stuff ?

Us: You would like an Insurance Quote for your Vespa ?

Client: Uh-Huh

Us: Certainly - we insure Vespas in 42 states and can quote you with several different insurance companies such as Progressive, Safeco, American Modern, and Foremost to name a few.

Client: Trip-in-dic-ular dudes, thats what I need me then. A cheap rate for my vespas. 

Us: So you have a couple of Vespas ?

Client: NAH, just the one, but I need to insure my Vespas...


Thus began another wonderful relationship with providing Insurance for another quirky Vespa owner. You just have to love the personality that exudes from a Vespa owner ( WE DO ! ). 

If you own a Vespa, you understand that you and your fellow riders are certainly a class of their own. ( a beloved class of uniqueness that we dig)

We also just happen to have the unique insurance coverage to match.

Whether you just need liability or are looking for comprehensive coverage for all your accessories we've got you covered.

Each state has different limits of liability that they require for Vespa Insurance, but we can help you navigate through all of that pretty quickly. 

If you are looking Insurance for your Vespa, please visit us at www.insuremyvespa.com or call us toll free at 877-917-5295.

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