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RIGHTSURE Welcomes Megan Kossow to become more relevant in Social Media Space.


RIGHTSURE Welcomes Megan Kossow to create more relevant Social Media Strategy.

New Appointment will enhance strategy for our technology offerings and enhance client experience.

TUCSON, ARIZONA, February 12, 2018 –  RightSure Insurance Group announced that Megan Kossow was selected to help enhance its Social Media Strategy and make it more relevant.

Based in Arizona, RightSure uses modern technology and a customer-focused model to provide clients with the best insurance options available, but few people know of all the offerings or the awesome technology behind what RIGHTSURE does.

RIGHTSURE has long had a tech-leaning business culture, utilizing proprietary processes enhanced with SAAS offerings.  This tech environment often gets overshadowed by the word Insurance Group that gets inserted behind the name RIGHTSURE.

“We’re very excited about our Chatbot and Artificial Intelligence offerings,” says President, R. Jeffrey Arnold. “Our goal is to enhance the insurance experience with a wide range of new technology and product options, combined with a human element of clear, agent centric guidance and efficient, user-friendly processes.”

Megan has been part of the RIGHTSURE team for 3 years and she approached us with thoughts on making us more relevant in the Social Media Space. It's been a pain point for us, for many years as we have tried countless options ( in house and outside third party firms ) to navigate this space. Megan, simply laid out a daily, weekly and monthly set of goals and said she could solve this broken part and make us more visible and convey all the awesomeness about our chatbots and other technology offerings. 

"We're planning on a greater level of exposure from a social media footprint and communicating to our customers in a place where they are every single day, On Social Media " said Megan Kossow 

About RightSure Insurance Group 

Headquartered in Tucson, Arizona, RightSure Insurance Group is a full-service independent insurance agency providing insurance products to families and businesses in 42 states.  By using a unique, client-centered approach combined with superior technology, RightSure presents clients with a wide range of insurance options and a seamless purchasing process. To learn more, visit https://www.rightsure.com or call 520-917-5295.

Media Contact:

Megan Kossow

megank [at] rightsure [dot] com