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Why Has My Insurance Bill Gone Up?

Why Has My Insurance Bill Gone Up?

Here at RIGHTSURE we understand the frustration of increased bills. We are often asked “why has my bill gone up?”

There are many reasons why a bill may go up- it is possible that a claim or ticket is affecting your rate. Maybe you’ve moved in the last 6 months or have added a new vehicle/youthful driver to your policy. You can also see increase due to insufficient proof of a discount. While there are many factors that go into insurance rates, not all of these reasons apply to everyone.

It could be that none of the above-mentioned increase reasons have happened to you... So why are you still seeing a higher bill?

Every so often, insurance companies will take on what is called a “Rate Increase”. This means that the insurance company has raised the insurance rates in a specific state for every consumer in that state- due to the amount of claims they have had to pay out on.

So what can you do to get a lower rate? We can help with that!

Here at RIGHTSURE we work with over 40 companies! We leverage technology to compare each company and find you the best rate on insurance.

So, the next time you see that your bill has gone up, give us a call and see what we can do for you!

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