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Will I Save Money by Not Using an Agent on My Progressive Insurance Policy

Will using an agent to buy your new Progressive policy end up in savings?

This is neither a yes or no answer. 

The rates are different when you buy a policy from Progressive Direct vs. using an agent.

For example- here at RIGHTSURE we can give you a Progressive policy, include all discounts possible, and the rate would be different than if you went through Progressive direct. 

This is due to the different costs your premium is going into. If you buy through an agent/broker, your rate includes the commission paid to the agent/broker for selling the policy. If you buy directly from Progressive, the rate reflects the cost of building, staffing and maintaining the sales centers and marketing costs of that aspect of our business.

Going through an agent also means that they are able to shop around for you. Say your Progressive policy went up for one reason or another, you could go to your agent & let them know. They would then shop around with the different carriers they have to see if they are able beat Progressive's price. If you go through Progressive Direct, you don't have that same luxury, as Progressive is only allowed to sell Progressive products.

Regardless of how your purchase your Progressive policy, you'll always receive the benefits and services Progressive offers to all its customers, including unparalleled 24/7 customer, claims and online service.  

This short video by one of our Famously Friendly Humans below will give you a quick overview on the value we can add to your Progressive Policy.

If you still have questions, our Famously Friendly Humans are experts on Progressive Policies.

We Offer Progressive Insurance in 42 States. (most likely yours)

You can give one of our Progressive experts a call at 520-917-5295

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