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Who is MikeRoweWorks, What do they do?

Who Is MikeRoweWorks and What do they do?

At the beginning of this quarter we introduced you all to the MikeRowe Works Foundation. This Foundation is our current charity of the quarter. So, what does this mean?

This means that for every referral that we are sent during this quarter of the year (April-June) we will be donating $10 to the MikeRowe Works Foundation on your behalf, as well as sending you a $10 Starbucks gift card (because we love you and your referrals!) Note that a referral counts, even if the person you've referred does not buy the insurance policy!

 What does MikeRoweWorks do? Founded in 2008 by Mike Rowe (who you may know from the TV Show, Dirty Jobs) this foundation is all about breaking down the stigma against "blue collar" jobs. To directly quote the foundation's page- "We recognize that a good education doesn’t always require a four-year degree.  That’s why we look for people who aren’t afraid to learn a useful skill and work their butts off..." The foundation gives scholarships to hardworking people through the Work Ethic Scholarship Program, that helps get people trained for skilled jobs that are in high demand. You can learn even more about what this foundation is doing HERE

Why did we choose the MikeRoweWorks Foundation? MikeRoweWorks is a foundation that aligns so well with the values at RIGHTSURE, in that we insure the businesses that keep America running. Our Small Business is focused on insuring those in the trades and skill industries!

We hope that you find the MikeRoweWorks Foundation to be as awesome as we think it is! 

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