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Why Does My Insurance Company Care about Trampolines, Pools, and Dogs?

Why Does My Insurance Company Care about Trampolines, Pools, and Dogs?

In the clip below from the RightSure Video Podcast, insurance expert Maria Geary talks in depth about why your insurance company cares about trampolines, pools, and pets/dogs.

In the video you can hear RightSure President, Jeff Arnold, briefly advising that the reason insurance companies care about these things is because they are "large liability losses"- meaning if someone were to get hurt on a trampoline, in a pool, or via a dog bite, it could become very costly if a claim were made.

Maria explains in further detail that different insurance companies handle different types of exposure. Maria says "Just because you have the presence of a pool slide and a trampoline, doesn't make you ineligible for insurance." So goes on to say "so don't be afraid to tell your agent about it. You may have to switch to a different company, who's going to be able to handle those exposures."

In short, your insurance company cares about the amount of exposure you have so that they can insure you correctly- your agent cares because they want to be able to find the right insurance company who can take on your personal risk. Don't ever be afraid to tell your insurance agent about yourself, we are here to help you and find the coverage that best suits YOU.

If you want to see how RightSure Insurance Specialist Maria, or any one of our insurance experts can help you, give us a call!

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