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Can I use Hot Water to Defrost my Windshield?

Can I use Hot Water to Defrost my Windshield?

We've all been there. You're running late for work or an appointment and you find that your windshield is frozen over- UGH! No biggie, just run back inside and grab some warm water to melt it off & you'll be on your way!

Sounds simple enough right? What could possibly go wrong?

Well, let me tell ya- A LOT could go wrong. 

Pouring hot water onto a frozen windshield is actually extremely dangerous for many reasons.

The first being you could crack your windshield. The heat causes the glass to expand then quickly contracts in the cold weather, the rapid change can cause a chip or crack in your windshield.

In extremely cold temperatures the hot or even luke warm water could freeze on top of the windshield instead of melting the existing ice. This water flowing down the windshield could collect at the base where your windshield wiper blades rest & could freeze them.

 If the blades become frozen to the windshield it is possible they could rip or tear. Conversely if the blades do not move when your turn them on you could cause damage to the wiper motor!

As someone who has used hot water to clear frost off the windshield- I had NO IDEA that amount of damage I could cause my vehicle!

The best way to clear a frozen windshield is either by using the defrosters inside your vehicle- or investing in a good ice scraper to remove the ice from your vehicle quick & easy.

And don't forget- if you do run into this problem where you crack your windshield and need it replaced- call your agent & see if your insurance will cover it!

Stay safe this winter season- remove the ice from your windshield correctly!

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