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Felicia Duarte Named Executive Vice President of RIGHTSURE

Felicia Duarte has been promoted from Vice President to Executive Vice President of RIGHTSURE.

 “Her increased roles in every part of the company, and her ability to execute and build collaboration made the advancement an easy decision “ stated Jeff Arnold, President of RIGHTSURE.

A Tucson native, Duarte has 18 years of experience operating within RIGHTSURE, it’s affiliates or subsidiary operations.

Felicia has been instrumental working in many roles, shaping the company’s hierarchy and assisted the firm with receiving an unparalleled three national awards as RIGHTSURE continues its rise as a national player in the insurance technology “ insurtech “ space.

Duarte began her career as an entry level staff member and has worked her way tirelessly through every part of the company, improving each part of the operation she touched.

In her expanded role as Executive Vice President, Duarte will continue to oversee the development and execution of RIGHTSURE’s retail, call center and online platforms.

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Headquartered in Tucson, Arizona, RightSure is a technology firm focused in the insurance space providing insurance products to families and businesses in 42 states.  By using a unique, client-centered approach combined with superior technology, RightSure presents clients with a wide range of insurance options and a seamless purchasing process. To learn more and see if you can save money, visit https://www.rightsure.com or call 520-777-1125.