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Tucson Home Insurance Myths: 3 myths busted about home insurance

Tucson Home Insurance Myths is a blog post that busts 3 myths about Tucson Home Insurance.

Tucson Home Insurance Quotes are becoming more and more popular. With Tucson Home Insurance Rates on the rise, Tucson homeowners are looking for ways to save money on their Tucson home insurance policy.

This blog post helps you understand what Tucson home insurance coverage includes and how it can help protect your house from damage or loss.

Your home is likely the biggest purchase you’ll ever make, so it only makes sense to protect your investment. And since homes are big things and big things are complicated, your homeowners policy can also be confusing.

Many consumers make a lot of assumptions about what’s covered under their homeowners policy, and that can lead to these costly myths:


My homeowners insurance policy will cover me for everything.

FACT: You generally need additional riders to cover losses from events such as sewage backup, food spoilage from power outages, earthquakes, and wind damage. And standard home insurance does not cover damage caused by a flood. You need a separate flood insurance policy. Always review your policy at renewal time each year, especially the exclusions and limitations pages outlining what’s covered and what isn’t.


The medical payment portion of my homeowners insurance will cover injuries to my family and me.

FACT: MedPay, a common feature of standard home insurance policies, is there to protect you if someone other than you or your family (a neighbor, friend, etc.) gets hurt on your property and they don’t want to sue you. MedPay will typically cover up to $1,000 for each covered claim to someone outside your family. If you or someone in your family gets hurt on your own property, you’re not covered by your home insurance policy.


If my home is ever lost, my insurance company will reimburse me for whatever I tell them I owned at the time of loss.

FACT: In the event of a covered loss, your homeowner’s insurance carrier will ask you to make a list of everything you own and include specific details such as purchase price, date of purchase, serial numbers, etc. Make sure you have a home inventory that includes photos, receipts, and anything else that will help you prove ownership. Keep your inventory in a fireproof safe or at a friend’s house so it’s still around when you need it.

We hope you enjoyed busting a few of these home insurance myths with us.

If you still have questions, please feel free to call our famously friendly humans at 520-917-5295