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Faith and Joeys Journey to get the Best Homeowners Insurance in Tucson.

                                                                                                               Photo Credit: Stephanie Liverani on Unsplash

Faith and Joey were newlyweds, just starting out in life. They had just purchased their first home and were eager to get everything set up.

One of the tasks they had to take care of was getting Home Insurance.

They started out by doing it themselves, at one of those comparison websites that promise to save you time and money, but quickly found that they were in over their heads. 

The process was more complicated than they thought it would be, and they weren't sure what the best way to go about it was.

  • What if the online company went out of business?
  • How do they pay claims?
  • Can I even talk to a human if I have questions?
  • Why didn't they ask me about my pets - are they even insured if something happens?
  • Joey bought me an expensive wedding ring - is it insured?  ( I have to have my wedding ring insured !! )

Luckily, they ran into a friend who told them about his experience with buying Home Insurance from RIGHTSURE and our Famously Friendly Humans. 

He recommended us and Faith and Joey decided to go with his recommendation. We answered all of Faiths Questions and YES, we made sure her Wedding Ring, Her Pets and her Claims questions were answered. 

They were happy with the service they received from RIGHTSURE, and even wrote a review about our Famously Friendly Humans and their experience.