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HomeSharing Insurance ( AirBnb - Rentals etc )

How do you get Home Sharing Insurance ?

If you rent your home or a rental property out to guests, please keep reading.

There are many types of innkeeper or home sharing businesses that have been operational for long periods.

New Offerings linke Airbnb and HomeAway, have taken the traditional bed-and-breakfast concept to a new scale by aligning online hosts with guests.
These places range from the host simply offering a guest a bed for the night to renting the entire house for a week.


How Does Home Sharing Activity Affect My Homeowners Insurance?

Because this renting out your home actually creates an activity representing a for-profit business, it changes from the personal risks contemplated by the premium charged for a homeowners policy.

This means, your policy will limit or exclude coverage for much of these lodging accommodations.

At some point in the future, many insurers will completely exclude home-sharing coverage in their standard policies and offer optional buy-back coverage.

FOR NOW, it is best to seek the guidance of an agent familiar homesharing.

Contact one of our Famously Friendly Humans to learn more about the RIGHT way to protect buy home sharing insurance.






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