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Real Life Case Studies: Exposures Solved by our Famously Friendly Humans

Case #1: An Accidental Property Manager:

This is a true story about a renowned surgeon who reluctantly became an overworked property manager.

To diversify his investment portfolio, the surgeon had amassed eight rental homes and a fourplex. The investment quickly became more work than he’d bargained for.

A PAPERWORK NIGHTMARE: The properties themselves weren’t the problem. It was the insurance.

The properties themselves weren’t the problem. It was the insurance.

The surgeon had 11 different policies for his nine properties, three of which insured the same house. Because of the overlap, he was paying more than he should have. The coverage limits were all different, as were the renewal dates. His investment portfolio was becoming a full-time job — taking time away from his primary career as a surgeon.

RIGHSTURE'S SIMPLIFIED SOLUTION: Our Surgeon friend turned to the agents at RightSure, who combined all eight homes onto a single policy, with one additional policy for the fourplex.

  • He now receives a single invoice and has only one renewal date, giving him significantly less information to track.
  • He has consistent coverage with the liability limits he needs to protect his assets in case something goes wrong.
  • He has one point of contact with RightSure, so he’s never left searching through stacks of paper to figure out whom to call for each property.

20/20 hindsight — Key Lessons Learned

Insuring multiple rentals can be simple and cost effective if done right, or a nightmare if done wrong.

Don’t insure the properties one at a time.

Whenever possible, look for a single policy to cover everything.

You need an expert insurance agent who can simplify a complicated process, giving you more time to focus on other matters.


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