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Jill Emrich

"Awesome Mom", Pay it Forward Queen, Home Specialist

Jill Emrich

Jill Emrich

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Home Specialist and Policy Services

Life is good.
Jill Emrich believes that life is so much better if we can laugh and be thankful for everything we have. “I am a firm believer in ‘paying it forward’ to make this world better,” she says.

At RightSure, Jill is a Home Specialist. Some people might not look forward to purchasing insurance – some may even dread it – but Jill tries to get her clients to enjoy themselves.
“It can be so boring and intimidating to purchase insurance,” Jill admits. “I make insurance fun for people.” She also wants to make her clients feel comfortable and confident in their decisions.

Jill has worked in insurance for more than 25 years. Before she began working for Jeff Arnold, she was one of his insurance clients. Then she asked him for a job, and he happily obliged.
Once Jill got started in an insurance career, she never wanted to look back. “I have loved insurance ever since,” she says. She loves working with people, and insurance gives her ample opportunity to do that.
She is especially fond of RightSure. “I like how forward thinking and technologically sound the company is,” she says, adding, “I really enjoy the work environment.”

People who know Jill admire her for her integrity and honesty. She’s also very loyal to her family and friends.
Jill has two daughters, as well as a menagerie of pets: a dog, two cats and a hamster. She enjoys spending time with her kids, her friends and her family, and she loves being outside in the fresh air.

Contact Jill Emrich
Phone: 520-777-1125
Email: jille [at] rightsure [dot] com

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