Customer Testimonials

“They helped me take care of a car wreck I had the day after I got my insurance. I’m very appreciative.”


“Cheryl was quick and responsive. We have clients that request insurance for our services with a short turnaround. Within 6 hours we had the insurance documents we needed. Thank you.”

Marco AES

“Becky is the best thanks Bekks she is always spot on and very helpful”


“The service & obtaining the necessary documentation from American Reliable was exceptionally fast. Couldn’t ask for anything better.”


“I’ve worked with Mike Felder ins for a very long time, and called this new company to me, to insure a new bike for me as well as update my policies for all three of my motorcycles, Megan spent lots of time without making me feel like i was rushed and was patient with all my questions. Her explanations and cost comparisons were clear to me. I was thankful for her efforts and energy with helping me work it all out and i left our conversation feeling well educated and confident that i had made the right coverage decisions.
(she deserves a raise or bonus and or a promotion, she promotes your company well)”


“My policy was being cancelled for non pay (my fault) and Stephani quoted new coverage for me fast!”

Cathy Imes

“Received prompt responses, answered all my questions in a manner I could understand, and provided all the information needed to make an informed decision.”


“I was having trouble with some of the questions on our insurance renewal form and Cheryl was kind, patient, and helpful. You company is lucky to have her.”

Foghorn Leghorn

“Stephanie was great! Polite, prompt and professional.”

Guy C

“Stephani Beltran is always quick and helpful responding to questions and getting things squared away”


“She did what she could to help and followed up on her own a few days later to see that “things” were taken care of.”


“Stephani Beltran did a great job for me when my Credit Union needed to be added to my insurance policy. She followed up with the necessary paperwork, and helped catch an error in the VIN on my vehicle.”


“Very helpful for a first time car buyers needing insurance.”


“Very quick and right ‘on the money’! A great job!!”


“Very responsive to change my auto policy and add my wife as a second named insured.”


“She was so patient with all my questions. A pleasure to talk to.”


“Thanks for the quick and easy insurance proof! You have made my world a whole lot easier”

Meg Nic

“It’s cheap and affordable . Thank you for coming into my life actually. Great service and wouldn’t trade y’all.”


“Found this insurance company a few years ago on line, have been very happy with service since day one.”

Lorna 545

“Prompt Service, stayed assisting the customer, easy to understand!”

Alma V

“They were on point quick reply wonderful wish they could have done more”

OnAndBeyond is

“Fast and friendly service! The representative was very helpful and explained everything specifically.”

Tamar Leah

“Reliable insurance. Able to fix what I need done. Great place”


“I usually hate going through the paces when contacted by companies trying to sell me something, or change what I took the time to establish.”


“I like the option for a discount, but I didn’t like I wasn’t informed about a surcharge from the beginning”


“Stephani Beltran at RightSure in Tucson,Az was awesome, she got my policy switched over from Arizona to New Mexico in no time. She was very efficient, professional, knowledgeable, and friendly. She made sure that I received every discount that I deserved!! Great service! thank You Stephani!!!”

Justin Dasher

“Have had a plesant experience thus far no complaints yet”


“I’m glad I switched I’m saving 100$ a month and couldn’t be more happy.”


“I have not had a chance to use yet. But heard great things about them.”


“It took them forever to process my claim and I still haven’t gotten my car fix.”


“Very happy With service provided excellent employee attentiveness”


“I has never used before, but I maybe use ot lateral”


“I’m happy with the services I really appreciate the paperless payment plan”


“Moraima was very helpful and took care of what I needed. Excellent service!”


“Very helpful… Lots of great info… would recommend to anyone… great savings…”


“Cheryl is always really attentive with her clients needs”


“With hooking me up with a policy and to file my first claim.”

Denny Tee

“They was helpful by telling me how to cancel the insurance.”


“Elaine, our agent was very helpful in setting up all our policies.”


“My agent was so helpful with the questions I had for him”


“My agent Moraima was great when I called to explore reducing costs to my Motorcycle insurance. She patiently worked thru my benefits & gave me detailed explanations of the various coverage & benefits. She even politely put me on a few brief holds when she needed to investigate some of my questions. Overall a nice experience.”


“I love my agent! Very helpful and professional! Help me get discounts and made arrangements to make payment on time.”


“My agent was so helpful with us and also very nice.”


“Rebekka was extremely helpful and attentive with ensuring me of the correct information that I need to submit for my insurance.”


“Easy way to pay bill. Never heard from an agent. Ok”


“agent was friendly i was. satisfied with my quote and. they work with to lower my payments.”

trish ann

“My agent was very explanatory about everything and very nice”


“Juilette was really pleasant to speak with and very helpful!”


“Agent was quick and very courteous in attending to my request.”


“The Best service in southern AZ. They were able to source out the best policy and prices.”


“my agent was very helpful in explain and going over my policy with me, meeting my every need and answering every question i had ask.”

i dont have one right now

“Being that I’ve only been with right sure for a month I have yet to see a positive from this agency. I have never had any issues with other progressive agencies. Right sure first off the bat lost my eft confirmation paperwork and my driving record they requested I obtain to clear my driving record.”


“I was told one thing about my monthly payment, then it changed. When I addressed it with a rep she was rude and not willing to explain extra charges.”


“This is a great start for me..i feel now i can take the next step n life n also build on my credit pluse be covered n will be alright more business done to keep up on payments a goal to focuses on so that is wat i have in mind on doing”


“Calling automated resulted in wrong total (175, not the 169 due). Unable to get satisfaction from auto, called 1 925 687 8045 (rsig ins), but confusion about policy, amount, whether for car or bike. More trouble than I ever had with Mike Felder. You almost lost a long standing customer. I prefer human quality customer service.”


“Could not find insurance card and was leaving in 2 days for trip on motorcycle. Called to see if I could get a copy faxed or emailed, and had it within 5 minutes. Great customer service!”


“There service has been great, when we have a question they always provide us with quick feedback. And are always available.”


“Briefly, I hate insurance, but I know I need it for things I buy. Trust me when I say I have had nothing close to the experience delivered by you guys. " in a good way " Everyone I talk to knows things I had no idea mattered.”


“I called for Home Insurance and spoke with three different people. Every single person was very friendly.”


“I couldn’t have asked for more…excellent, reliable, informative, timely, friendly service…and saved me money!”


“Cathy is a wonderful representative, she is always easy to get a hold of, and her quick
response to any issues are handled with quick and precise action. Thank you Cathy!”


“Informative; Saving me money;..kind & so courteous;”


“She is amazing. On the ball put a reminder in her computer to contact me when I was up for renewal.”


“I love the policy Cathy sold me . She did a great job.”


“I was looking for another Homeowner’s Insurance because the one I had keep going up and up and the agent never called to let me know about the price change. When I called Cathy she took my information and got back to me so quickly and found me a new insurance within my price range plus she was cheerful and very knowledgeable about the insurance business.”


“easy to reach calls back quickly listens personable flexible”


“I changed from the last company because my agent was hard to reach, took several days to return a call and was not very friendly. My new agent appears to be knowledgeable, timely, and personable.”


“She had a great personality and was very knowledgeable on what she was doing”


“I was recently referred to you by Progressive Insurance as I wanted a live person to help. Went to your office and was promptly greeted by friendly people who went out of their way to help us.”


“Felicia spent the time to listen to my issues with my current insurance company and fixed \ avoided me having to endure the same process again.”