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Auto Insurance

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How Much Auto Insurance is Enough

Your auto insurance policy will provide you with many different types of coverage into a single policy. Normally, you will find that your auto insurance policy is going to combine comprehensive, collision, medical, liability and uninsured motorist coverage.

Auto Insurance Needs

Every person has unique habits and a personal car they need to insure, which means that each insurance policy needs to be personal and unique. To determine what auto insurance policy will work the best for you, you should consider:

  • Liability Liability insurance is going to cover damage that you cause to another when you are in an accident. This coverage will ensure that you are not going to be wiped out financially if you are sued after an auto accident. The more assets that you possess, the more you have to lose. When you have financial resources that exceed the value of your liability coverage, you may need a personal umbrella policy that will give you the liability protection that you will need to stay protected.
  • Collision coverage is going to insure you for any damage to your car that is caused in an accident. RIGHTSURE can help you decide whether or not to carry collision coverage by comparing the cost of the collision coverage to the value of your car. Your collision insurance may not be worth paying $200 a year if you are driving a car that is only worth $1,000. On the other hand, when you have a car that is worth more than $10,000 this can be a great investment.
  • Comprehensivecoverage will cover the cost of your car being stolen, vandalized or damaged in any way other than a collision.
  • Medical coverage will pay for the medical expenses that you and your passengers need as a result of an accident. Using your car in different ways will require different types of medical coverage. For example, if you are a parent who is driving kids to and from sports practice medical coverage may be necessary, whereas an individual that is driving alone may not require medical coverage. 

Keep in mind that Arizona requires certain minimum levels of coverage and you will want a policy that will fulfill those requirements. The right car insurance coverage for you is unique - talk to us today so you can be sure that you get the best price and value on your auto insurance policy.

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