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Need a Vespa Insurance Quote ?

Need A Vespa Insurance Quote ?

If you are looking to purchase a vespa in the near future, take just a moment to get a quote on Insurance before you buy.

Also, before we get into the details about Vespa Insurance, "Recently I found " a really good website on moped and scooter requirements by state. Check out www.moped2.org as this site provides some great information.

Own A Vespa ? Need Insurance ? We Can Help.
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We Insure Motor Scooters in 42 States ( most likely yours )

Back to our story, So - you were thinking about buying a scooter ( or vespa ) and wondering how much insurance is going to cost you ?

I can give you a sample range - but the best thing I can advise, is, call our Vespa Insurance Quoteline at 928-445-0703.

As for a starting point, i frequently see liability only insurance in the Western United States starting at $75.00 per year, all the way up to $450.00. Of course it is more to add coverage for theft or collision, but many clients own the scooter outright, and prefer to just purchase liability to keep things legal with the state or the tag registration satisfied. 

Either way, if you are looking for just a quick liability quote OR more comprehensive coverage for your Vespa, give us a call. We offer insurance in 42 states ( most likely yours ).

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