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Arizona Pekin Insurance Agent RIGHTSURE

September 24, 2014

Arizona Pekin Insurance Agent RIGHTSURE INSURANCE GROUP would like to remind our customers about the Pekin Insurance Roadside Rescue Program.

You can find more details about the program below the video. 

Or, if you are like most and starved for time, just watch the video and call us if you have any questions.


Have you ever had A flat tire in the middle of nowhere, locked your keys in the car, had a battery that needs a jumpstart, or a gas tank that didn't stretch those extra miles...

IF THAT'S YOU, you might want to consider add Roadside rescue to your Pekin Insurance Policy.

Roadside Rescue saves the day with 24/7 roadside assistance (in all 50 states) as part of your comprehensive auto insurance coverage.

Roadside Rescue from Pekin Insurance... yeah, you need it!



More than an insurance company …

We help our customers build their dreams. Or rebuild their lives. At Pekin Insurance,® we provide peace of mind and long-term security for our policyholders, shareholders, agents, and employees.

Through wars. Peace. Economic downturns and upswings. We’ve remained undaunted. Flexible. Innovative. We’ve always managed to find ways to get the job done. Since 1921.

Today, we’re one of the nation’s most successful insurance providers, with combined assets of $2 billion, more than 700 employees, 1,200 agencies, and 7,500 independent agents.



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