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All You Ever Wanted to Know About Insurance


Have you ever wondered why your insurance rates go up due to the bad driving activity of other drivers? It may seem unfair that you get penalized for the actions of other unsafe drivers. How would you feel if we told you there is a way to avoid your rates increasing by drivers? Pretty happy right? 

Well, let us blow your mind a little bit. 

There are technology driven programs that actually monitor your driving activity and, based on your good driving habits,  can give you a discount on your insurance! We know, it's pretty amazing.

 All you have to do is plug a device into your vehicle, and drive normally. You can monitor your progress online, and if you decide you don't like the device, you can take it out and give it  back (within a specified time period). Now, we know what you're thinking... "I don't want these companies tracking my every driving move!" They actually do not, what most devices monitor are driving habits such as stopping abruptly, how fast you accelerate from a stop, the amount of miles you are driving, and if you drive late at night. Pretty simple right? 

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