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How To Cancel My Progressive Policy

By Megan Kossow

How To Cancel My Progressive Policy

If you are looking to cancel your Progressive Insurance policy, here are a few steps to help!

  1. If you are considering switching insurance companies, try to do so at a good time. You can cancel your Progressive policy any time you want, but there are two particularly good times to switch companies. 
    1. Try to start comparing rates of other companies 3-4 weeks before your insurance renewal date (you can find this information on your Declarations page or your ID cards). You will generally receive a renewal notice 15-30 days before it is set to renew, use the information given in the renewal notice to compare rates with several other competitors.
    2. Review your insurance after a major life event such as divorce or marriage, the birth of a new child, buying a new car and adding a newly licensed driver, or moving into a new home. Contact Progressive to see how these changes will affect your current insurance policy and then evaluate other insurance company options. 
  2. Look into your Progressive policy contract to find information regarding cancellations. Depending on the state you reside and the policy type- there may be cancellation fees if you are trying to end your policy before the renewal date.
  3. Choose a new insurance carrier. Once you have compared rates from multiple sources and have found one you like- obtain that policy. In some states it is required that you show proof that you have obtained other insurance to cancel your current policy. 
    1. If you are having issues comparing rates yourself- we can help! Here at RIGHTSURE we work with over 30 companies and can compare the rates FOR YOU. 
    2. Arrange for your new policy to start on the day that you want your Progressive policy to end. 
  4. Ask your new insurance Agent/ carrier if they can assist with the cancellation.
    1.  Some insurance carriers will assist in the cancellation of your old policy while others won't. 
    2. Insurance agencies- such as RIGHTSURE- almost always assist in the cancellation of your old carrier, you just simply sign a cancellation form and we will do the rest for you!
    3. If you are doing it on your own simply call Progressive and provide verbal confirmation of cancellation or write a signed letter stating you would like to cancel your policy and the date of which you wish to cancel.


  1. Mail in a signed cancellation. Most US states require there to be a written request of cancellation. You can fill out an online template (such as this one) or you can type up/write a letter yourself requesting cancellation. Please provide the following on the letter:
    1. Mail to Progressive Corporation 6300 Wilson Mills Rd, Mayfield Village, OH 44143 at least one week before the requested cancellation date
    2. Your signature along with the date
    3. The date of which you request the insurance policy to end
    4. Your Progressive insurance policy number
    5. Your name, phone number, and address
  2. Call Progressive to cancel the policy instead.
    1. Call 888-416-2003
    2. Have your Progressive policy number & replacement insurance policy information
    3. If they try to convince you to stay you can say "I'm sorry, I made my final decision and lined up a replacement policy"


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