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Megan Kossow

Makeup Enthusiast, Carrier/Charity Relations, Digital Marketing Manager

Megan Kossow

Megan Kossow

Get Acquainted with Megan Kossow
Social Content/Marketing Manager and Carrier Advocate

Everything boils down to relationships.

As the social content and marketing manager, Megan is in charge of all of RightSure’s social media postings. She also works on website design and editing, and she tracks SEO. Her work ensures that RightSure has a strong digital footprint. She wants to make sure people can find and connect with RightSure online.

In addition to her online marketing duties, Megan is the carrier advocate. She schedules meetings and goes over data with top insurance executives. More than anything else, she nurtures relationships. “I try my best to make sure those relationships are in good standing, and that they are real relationships,” she says. The way she sees it, carrier reps should be happy about a meeting at RightSure. If not, she needs to foster deeper connections.

Megan began working at RightSure in 2015. At the time, she was studying sign language interpretation, and she hadn’t really thought about a career in the insurance industry. After a friend encouraged her to apply, however, she quickly realized it was a good fit.

She started out in sales before becoming the operations assistant and later working in policy services. She’s learned a lot in her various positions, including both how to work as part of a team and how to be a self-starter.

Megan can be serious when she needs to, but she also has a healthy sense of humor, something that helps her get along with others and deal with difficult times. She enjoys getting to know people, and she also has a creative side that help her succeed with her social media duties.

When not at work, Megan prioritizes spending time with family, friends, and her boyfriend, Anthony. She loves practicing the art of doing makeup and planning fun events with her family and friends. She her favorite movie genre’s are horror and science fiction. Her travels have been taking her to more and more places, and she hopes to visit Ireland in the future.

Contact Megan Kossow:
Phone: 520-901-7010
Email: Megank [at] rightsure [dot] com

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