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Why Should I Buy Pet Insurance?

By Megan Kossow

Why Should I Buy Pet Insurance?

One of our best friends is often just a tail wag or bark away. They lick away the tears when we are sad and join in on celebrations, no questions asked. These tiny (or big) fur friends tend to possess abilities to tame our daily stress. 

It's safe to say most of us think of our little fur babies wholly as members of the family. With this being said it is an odd phenomenon that as a nation that holds our pets so dear, we are still so slow to embrace the concept of pet insurance.

Here we would like to share reasons we think you SHOULD or SHOULDN'T buy pet insurance.

5 reasons you should buy pet insurance: 

  1. You Love Your Pet
  2. Readily Available
  3. Lots of Different Choices Make Insurance Affordable
  4. Vets Are Expensive 
  5. Delivers Peace Of Mind

There are many more reasons why you should buy pet insurance such as being able to pick your veterinarian, no discrimination against dog breed or age of pet, provides an easy way to budget costs of pet care, and allows you to save and extend the life of your pet.

5 reasons you shouldn't buy pet insurance:

  1. You Don't Believe In Health Care For Pets 
  2. You Don't Care About Your Pet
  3. You'd Rather Pay Out of Pocket For Your Pet's Health Care
  4. Your Heart Might Be Missing
  5. You're An Evil Person

Now that you have a solid argument for both sides; we say you should get to quoting yourself below to see how pet insurance can change your furry family member's life!


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