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Should I Replace My Tires?

By Megan Kossow

5 Signs It Is Time To Replace Your Old Tires

The more you drive, the more your tires will be worn. When is the right time to replace them?

1. Your tire tread is worn down

The most obvious sign it is time for new tires is bald tires. You can also check the tread of your tires with the penny trick- to do this you place a penny (with Lincoln’s head down) between several tread grooves on the tire. If you see the top of Lincoln’s head, its time to replace those worn down tires. If can’t see the top of Lincoln’s head you are good to go, replacement tires are not needed.

 2. You’ve noticed gouges or cracks in the sidewalls of your tires

Driving on damages tires is extremely unsafe. Sidewalls are worn over time from driving in the rain, ice, and natural aging. If your tires have poor alignment the sidewalls of your tires can be harmed as well. Driving on tires with damaged sidewalls can cause blowouts that can result in accidents.


3. Your car is shaking more.

Driving on worn or damaged tires can cause your car to shake. While it is normal for your car to shake on bumpy/uneven roads, it is not normal for your car to be constantly shaking. The shaking can also be a result of poor tire alignment- but can also mean there is an issue with the interior of the tire.


4. You can see the wear bar/cords are showing.

In new tire models there is a built in wear bar in the tread of the tires. This is a rubber bar that is perpendicular to the tread. Your tread is even with the bar, it’s time to replace your tires. All tires have cords in them to help tires keep their shape and support the weight of the vehicle. Most often they are silver in color. If you start to see cords showing through your tires it is time for new ones. Driving on tires with the cords showing is unsafe and will ultimately result in tire failure.


5. You live in an area with snow.

Regular tires are not meant to drive in the snow, this results in your tires being worn down quickly. The best thing to do is to buy snow tires for the winter months if you have to drive on roads before they have been plowed. 

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