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Double Your Life Insurance Legacy

By Megan Kossow

Would you like to increase the legacy you leave to your children or grandchildren?

Do you have money in a CD? 

If you answered yes to both questions, you should consider using this money toward a Single Premium Whole Life Insurance Policy.

If you plan to leave your children or grandchildren a legacy when you pass away, you could use the money sitting in your CD to obtain a Single Premium Whole Life Insurance Policy through Pekin and double the money you leave your children or grandchildren.

One hundred years from now, no one will remember the house you lived in, the kid of  car you drove, or what you did for a living. What they will remember, though, is the legacy you left for the generations to come! It’s never too soon to think about the legacy you will leave. A Single Premium Whole Life Insurance policy will allow you to efficiently leverage even a modest gift into a much larger future gift for your children or grandchildren.

Call one of our knowledgeable life insurance agents to learn how you can double the legacy you leave for your family when you pass away.

Let US show you how we can help you with a Pekin Insurance single premium whole life insurance plan.

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