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Vespa Insurance Quotes

By Megan Kossow

Vespa and Scooter Insurance – almost as fun as riding


If you own a Vespa or a scooter, then you are likely someone that enjoys life and chooses to have fun. Driving a Vespa scooter is exciting. If you do not believe me, then try it. However, there is one thing necessary to operate a Vespa scooter that is not fun to most people… Insurance.


Well, we think Vespa and scooter insurance is fun. In fact, we work passionately every day make the Vespa insurance quote process easy, painless and yes, even fun and exciting. Simply visit insuremyvespa.com and see for yourself how you can get instant coverage via a real time quote. We offer the best, most comprehensive, and cheapest Vespa insurance and scooter insurance available. Seriously, just go to our website and a few clicks later you can buy your Vespa or scooter insurance policy online and be on your way.  Below are four ways we make the Vespa insurance quote process simple, inexpensive and comprehensive.


Multiple insurance company options

First, here at insuremyvespa.com we understand that each Vespa scooter owner is unique. Therefore, we offer Vespa insurance quotes from several leading insurance companies. The insurers we use understand scooters and tailor their policies to Vespa and scooter owners. These insurers are able to provide different coverage levels depending on the risk appetite of the Vespa or scooter owner.


Different coverage per state

Second, we also understand that Vespa insurance and scooter insurance requirements are different across state lines. We have already done this homework for you. Once you visit insuremyvespa.com and input your zip code, you can rest assured that the quotes you receive will be compliant with the state minimum requirements for Vespa insurance and scooter insurance. In addition, we are available to discuss any coverage questions related to your specific state.


Broad policy coverage

Third, we provide full coverage policies and offer various coverage options to give you peace of mind. Generally, most policies enjoy the below coverage lines:

  • Property and medical liability coverage
  • No-fault medical insurance or personal injury protection (if available in your state)
  • Collision coverage for damage to your insured scooter in case of a crash
  • Comprehensive coverage for non-crash-related damage or loss to your insured scooter
  • Coverage for custom parts and equipment
  • Towing and roadside assistance to help in case of mishaps


You can call us

                Best of all, if you have questions before or after getting a quote or would just like to talk to someone else that is passionate about Vespas and scooters, then you can call us directly at 877-917-5295. It is that simple. We often get feedback from customers that while our website is quick and easy, they really appreciate that if needed they can reach out to us directly and speak to someone that understands Vespa insurance and scooter insurance.


So, if you recently thought ‘how do I buy insurance for my Vespa or scooter?’, then let us encourage you to visit insuremyvespa.com or give us a call at 877-917-5295. We trust you will then be able to experience the fun and satisfaction associated with Vespa insurance and scooter insurance.


Insure My Vespa



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