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Do I Need Auto Coverage to Travel in Mexico?

Do I Need Auto Coverage to Travel in Mexico?

By Megan Kossow

Taking a load off is one of the best things you can do for yourself. Whether it be for a weekend, a week, or even an entire month (good for you!), taking a vacation is good for the soul. What place would be better for a nice getaway than the beautiful beaches of Mexico! 

If you are planning a driving trip into Mexico in the future here are a few insurance related things you should be thinking about.

  1. Your insurance company may cover your vehicle up to a certain number of miles traveled into Mexico, call your insurance company to find out what they will and won't cover.
  2. The liability portion of your US auto insurance policy does not have legal bearing in Mexico. This means that even if you have liability insurance in America and you cause bodily injury or damage to a vehicle in mexico, the finances would ultimately be up to you to pay
  3. If you are in an accident in Mexico without proof of "financial responsibility" you could face Mexican jail time. In Mexico you are "guilty until proven innocent" this means that you will be detained (this could be in a Mexican jail) until it is proven that you can financially cover the damages you caused.

With that being said, we hope the facts above do not add stress to the fun vacation you have planned, and if it does, we can help!

Luckily for you RIGHTSURE has Mexican auto insurance that you can buy instantly online through our website. It is fast and we also compare rates of multiple Mexican auto insurance companies for you, isn't that awesome? This simply 5 minute process asks you about the details of your trip & vehicle and provides you with a quote in real time. Once you've found an option that you like you can purchase the policy all on the site & have instant proof of coverage. Everything is emailed to the address you provide during the quoting process.

We do suggest printing out all documents in both English and Spanish, as electronic copies are harder to deal.

Pro tip: As stated in the policy and guidelines, if you are in an accident in Mexico you MUST report the claim while you are STILL IN MEXICO. If you cross back to the border and try to make the claim then, your claim will be denied.

Go to our Mexico Auto Insurance Page and quote yourself to see how fast and pain free it is to get a Mexico Auto Insurance Policy!

Or give us a call at 520-917-5295 and talk to one of our knowledgeable Mexico insurance agents!

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