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How to Lower your Insurance Bill with Pay by Mile Insurance

By: Megan Kossow

How to Lower your Insurance Bill with Pay by Mile Insurance

I don't know about you guys, but as a consumer I am always trying to find the biggest bang for my buck. What I mean by this is that I want to make sure the product I am using has the value I need and that I am not over paying for it. 

I think we can all agree that we don't want to be overpaying for Insurance coverage, right? Although, sometimes we do and in most cases it's not even because of the way we drive, instead it is because of the way OTHER PEOPLE drive. That's a little crazy in my book. So how do we avoid having our insurance bill increase because of the actions of other people? Well, there are quite a few insurance companies that offer ways to make sure that your insurance bill is based on YOUR driving, not someone else's.

A few of these insurance companies include Progressive, Safeco, State Auto, Nationwide, and Travelers!

Let's take a dive into the different programs each of these carriers provide so that you can get the savings you deserve and avoid rate increases brought on by bad drivers!

Progressive Insurance SnapShot:

With Progressive's SnapShot device you will receive a personalized rate based on your driving behavior. You can either download the app or use the plug-in device!

Safeco Insurance RightTrack:

With Safeco's RightTrack Mobile feature you can save money with safe driving habits! You get a 10% discount just for signing up!

State Auto Safety 360:

With State Auto's Safety 360 you earn a 10% discount for signing up and can receive up to 50% off your policy based on your safe driving habits! It also features a Quick Care benefit. If you're in an accident and it registers on your installed device it'll notify the company so they can reach out and help you with towing & starting your claim! 

Nationwide's SmartMiles and SmartRide:

Nationwide offers two different programs that can help save you money. 

  • SmartMiles: is car insurance for low-mileage drivers. It is the same coverage as a traditional auto policy but with a flexible monthly rate- based on how many miles you drive.

  • SmartRide: is a usage-based program that gives personalized rates based on your safe driving behaviors. The safer you drive, the higher discount you could get!

Traveler's IntelliDrive Program:

With Traveler's IntelliDrive program you use an app to track your safe driving habits. The discount you receive based on your driving habits will stay on your policy for as long as you keep your policy!

If you are not sure which of these programs best fits your needs, give our agents a call! We are here to answer all of your Telematics questions and quote you with the carriers that fit your needs and price range! 

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