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Do I Need to Buy the Car Rental Companies Coverage?

If you have ever rented a car before, you are aware that they offer car insurance coverage right there on the lot. We've received questions about whether or not you actually NEED to buy this coverage, or if your personal auto insurance policy will cover the vehicle.

In the video below, Private Client Specialist Maria Geary, explains the difference between the rental car's insurance and yours- and if you REALLY NEED their coverage over your own. Check it out!

Long story short: the rental companies coverage is essentially identical to yours EXCEPT for one commercial coverage. This coverage is for the loss of use of the vehicle- meaning the rental car company can no longer make money off the rental vehicle that was in the accident. On their policy this is covered, on your personal auto policy it is not, and you may have to pay for that cost to the company.

The other great thing about using the rental car's coverage over your own is that if you get into an accident, they take all blame. This means that if you have a claim with them it does not follow you or show on your record. 

Your personal insurance coverage does cover the rental car the same way that it covers your personal vehicles, so if you do not want to buy their insurance and would rather use your own, that is a perfectly viable option. 

Maria says that if she were to choose between the two, she would choose the rental car's coverage personally.

If you have any questions regarding Rental Car Coverage VS your own policy, please feel free to call, IM, or Email us. We are more than happy to answer any questions you may have! 

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