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Exploring the Electric Revolution: Why Ebike Enthusiasts Should Prioritize Insurance.

 As the popularity of electric bicycles (ebikes) continues to surge, riders are urged to consider an essential aspect of their newfound passion: insurance coverage. RIGHTSURE, Inc., a leader in personalized solutions, sheds light on the importance of insurance for ebike owners.

According to recent industry data, the global ebike market is enjoying rapid growth, driven by factors such as urbanization, environmental concerns, and the desire for efficient commuting options. However, amidst the excitement of embracing this eco-friendly mode of transportation, many riders overlook the crucial aspect of insurance protection.

“Owners have a couple ways to protect themselves after acquiring new ebikes, and insurance is one of them. Owners can check with their existing carrier to see if their homeowner’s insurance can cover their new ebikes,”said James Lorentzen, Co-Owner and Manager of Pedego Electric Bikes Tucson. " As ebike popularity has risen, many times a rider can be added to cover the cost of replacement, should they be stolen.”

While ebikes offer numerous benefits, including reduced carbon emissions and improved health outcomes, they also pose unique risks that riders should be prepared for. With the increased range of ebikes, roadside assistance can be critical if a rider becomes stranded far from home. 

"Ebikes allow us to explore our communities in an eco-friendly way and many people are taking advantage of this new trend," said Ellen Taylor, Media Director at RIGHTSURE, Inc. "With personalized coverage, riders can enjoy their ebike experience with greater confidence and security."

Key considerations for ebike insurance coverage include:

  • Theft and damage protection: Comprehensive coverage against theft, vandalism, and accidental damage ensures peace of mind for ebike owners.
  • Liability coverage: Protection against third-party claims for bodily injury or property damage resulting from ebike accidents.
  • Medical expenses: Coverage for medical bills in the event of an accident, including hospitalization, surgery, and rehabilitation costs.
  • Roadside assistance: transport your bike to the nearest repair shop if you become stranded while riding.

As with any method of transportation, the importance of insurance coverage to protect against the risk of accidents cannot be understated. 

RIGHTSURE, Inc. encourages all ebike enthusiasts to explore their insurance options and prioritize protection as they embark on their electric journey. By investing in insurance coverage tailored to their needs, riders can fully enjoy the benefits of ebike ownership while mitigating potential risks.

For more information about ebike insurance and how to protect your ride, please visit www.rightsure.com or contact info [at] rightsure [dot] com.

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