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How To Lower My Insurance Bill

By Megan Kossow

Are you looking to lower the amount you pay for insurance?

We can help! 

There are many reasons why your insurance rate can go up. Maybe you received a ticket in the last few months, maybe you got into an accident, maybe you changed your coverage or vehicle, or maybe you didn't change anything at all and other bad drivers are to blame! (Read more about why your insurance bill goes up HERE) Seems unfair, right? Why should your bill go up if you haven't done anything wrong?

There are ways to prevent this from happening. The number one thing you should always do is a check up on your insurance every six months to make sure you are getting all the correct discounts and coverage you need! You can do this with your agent, or if you don't have an agent, one of our knowledgeable and friendly agents can help quote you to make sure you are getting the best deal possible! 

Another way to lower your insurance bill is by using a Good Driver monitoring device.

 Many companies have these devices and offer them to you during inception of your new policy, but you can still add them later on in the policy if you would like! Whenever we as agents bring up these devices, we hear things said like "I don't want the government track where I go" "those things don't really work" "I like my privacy" and we get it! But, people tend to have the wrong idea about these devices. 

If you turn out to be a good driver using these devices you can get huge savings! AND they do not track where you go, just how you drive! The few things they monitor are; hard stops, fast acceleration from a stop, and the time of night that you are driving. That last one may seem odd, they track this because they don't want you to be driving around the same time drunk drivers are- AKA 1:00 am-3:00 am. But don't worry, if you do a few of these things on occasion it shouldn't hurt your results. These devices tend to have to stay in your vehicle for 6 full months in order to customize your rate, and with most of them, you can track your progress on an app or by calling your agent!

Here are a few examples of Good Driver monitoring devices:

Progressive's SnapShot Device

Safeco's RightTrack Device

State Auto's Telematics Device

There are many other companies that offer devices of this sort- it is up to you which device you think best fits you!

If you have any questions regarding these devices you can contact our office and we will answer your questions- even quote you with them if you would like!

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