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How to Transfer Insurance to Your New Car

If you have recently bought a new car, CONGRATULATIONS. 

We are sure you know this, but just in case, you will need to get it insured before driving it

While it is true that (like coverages transfer from 10 days to 30 days) depending upon your state and policy language. It is always best to instantly notify your auto insurance provider prior to - or at the same time you buy your new or used vehicle. 

Now that the disclosures are completed, let's talk in plain language about How to Transfer Insurance to Your New Car.

Generally Speaking, it will be much cheaper to simply transfer insurance to your new car (or replace your prior vehicle with your new one). In most cases this can be completed with no additional up front premium payment needed, the additional premium will just be spread out amongst your remaining payments. (exceptions could be - you only have one payment left,or you are within days of your renewal.)

PLEASE NOTE: There is never a better time to shop for Auto Insurance than when you are acquiring a new one.  

Our website does provide super fast " 90 seconds " quote option that can give you quotes with up to forty different insurance companies.

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