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Homeowner Insurance

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Homeowner Insurance

The cost to rebuild your home is referred to as your home's replacement value. The replacement value is often very different than the estimated market value or actual purchase price of your home. It usually costs more to rebuild your home than it would cost to purchase a new home.

How much home insurance is enough?

RIGHTSURE has a valuable understanding of the  home insurance needs of our clients. We make sure that you have an accurate estimate for the replacement cost of your home and to ensure that it is always accurate we will make sure that your policy limits are adjusted as often as they need to be.

In order to provide our customers with an accurate estimate, it is important that our customers provide us with any and all updated information about their home and the contents within their home. You may find that your insurance company will pay more that the limit if a covered loss should be greater than the limit on the policy and your dwelling limit is an accurate reflection of your home's true replacement cost.

After your home and possessions have been properly insured and a review shows this, you will want to reexamine your coverage and limits if you are making any additions or improvements to your home. RIGHTSURE can ensure that your re-evaluations are accurate and that your home insurance needs are fulfilled. Just call and speak with one of our agents.

Be Sure You Have Enough Home Insurance

There are many steps you can take to minimize the dangers that are associated with being underinsured and some of them are:

  1. Call RIGHTSURE - When you have any questions or concerns about the limits of your policy, call and ask us about the process that resulted in the calculations that we have provided you. As we go over the calculations, it will also give you an opportunity to point out any information that we may have overlooked.
  2. Read your policy - There are certain possessions and perils that will need their own insurance policy. If you have expensive jewelry or your if there is a high chance of an earthquake or flood near your home, you will need a separate insurance policy. By reading through your policy, you will have an accurate understanding of what is and what is not covered and for how much. This way, you can insure all of your possessions and assets properly. If you do not understand anything in your policy, contact us and we will provide you with the information that you need.
  3. Review - When your policy is reviewed on an annual basis, you should receive a new Policy Declarations page that will show you the limits of your coverage and the optional coverage. Give this new Policy Declarations page a thorough reading so you can be sure you understand the information. If you do any type of remodeling in your home, tell us about the changes to ensure your coverage limits are adjusted and improved so your insurance fits your specific needs. 
  4. Ask these questions to make sure that your insurance policy is providing you with the coverage that you need.
    • Will your policy provide you with the funds to cover extra costs that are a result of building code changes?
    • Will your policy increase coverage limits on an annual basis to compensate for inflation?
    • Will your policy provide you with any extra funds needed if rebuilding your home will exceed policy limits?

Make sure you know:

  • How your insurance company will respond to claims. Your company should stand behind any agreed upon repairs after a claim is made. Make sure that your insurance company will guarantee this in writing.
  • Will your policy provide the funds necessary for the replacement of the contents of your home. This will include clothing, furniture, appliance and other personal property. If your policy does not include this coverage, you may want to add it by endorsement. The cost to benefit ratio can be very beneficial. Purchasing Replacement Cost Coverage will ensure that you have the funds to replace your possessions. Usually the covered loss depreciates by the age and condition of the lost items which will reduce the size of your settlement.

There are many valuable possessions that may require supplemental coverage. When you own an art collection, antique furniture, jewelry or any other valuable asset talk to RIGHTSURE about the supplemental coverage options that insurance agencies provide. Often times these insurance policies will come with a waived deductible.

You may need more coverage for your personal property and the contents of your home than your policy provides. Personal property coverage is often provided for a small additional premium.

Inventory your home

Creating a inventory of your home and personal belongings , updating it periodically, and keeping it in a secure place outside of your home (like a safe deposit box) to ensure it will be safe.  Creating this inventory ahead of time will save you time and effort when you need to make a claim. This list will also ensure that you are not going to forget something when you need to make a claim. We can help you understand ways to simplify this task and prepare the inventory without going through too much stress. For example, some people videotape each room of their home with a description of their possessions on the sound track.

Personal Liability

After you have found the policy that will provide you with the protection that you need for your home and your possessions, you will then want to work on assessing your liability risks. Liability risks are often a result of damage to the property of another or injury to a person on your property who is not a member of your household.

It has become more and more common for homeowners to be sued for injuries or damages that others incur when on their property. Often times the homeowner has not even been negligent. As a homeowner you have many appreciable assets and they are vulnerable because you can be at the risk of being sued. If you are sued, you may win your court case but the legal fees can be crippling.

Personal Liability coverage that your Homeowners Policy proves will often be between $100,000 and $300,000. A  personal umbrella policy can be a great way to increase your personal liability and your auto liability. You can increase your liability limits from $1 million to $10 million or even beyond. The cost of the coverage is often minimal compared to the benefit of having that coverage.

It is important to remember that some states require a specific level of coverage. The right coverage for you is unique – talk to RIGHTSURE today to find the best price and best value for your insurance policy.

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