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All You Ever Wanted to Know About Insurance

Five Questions to Ask Before you Get Engaged

By Megan KossowDo you have someone special in your life? Are you thinking of marrying them? - Below are five questions to think about before getting engaged. - Finding love is a very special thing and can lead to...

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Vespa Insurance Quotes

By Megan Kossow Vespa and Scooter Insurance – almost as fun as riding - If you own a Vespa or a scooter, then you are likely someone that enjoys life and chooses to have fun. Driving a Vespa scooter is exciting. If you...

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14 ways Traditional Agencies Can Beat Insurtech Competitors

How Traditional Agencies Can Beat Insurtech Competitors at Their Own Game - By Jeff Arnold Insurtech. It’s a hyped topic that monopolizes every industry journal and event. Experts say it’s the future of insurance. So,...

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Insurance Meets the Human Touch

Insurance Meets the Human Touch - We hear the same story so very often. A potential client needed a homeowners insurance policy so he went online and searched for ‘affordable home insurance’. After clicking on a link...

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Will I Save Money by Not Using an Agent on My Progressive Insurance Policy

Will using an agent to buy your new Progressive policy end up in savings? - This is neither a yes or no answer. - The rates are different when you buy a policy from Progressive Direct vs. using an agent. - For example-...

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Three Ways to Lower Your Carbon Footprint

Three Way to Lower Your Carbon Footprint - We all love the earth, now let's takes the necessary steps to protect it! - April 22 marked the 49th annual Earth Day, when more than 1 billion people in nearly 200 countries...

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8 Steps To Take When You Get Into A Car Accident

By Megan KossowGetting into an accident can be tough, don't be unprepared! - It can happen to anyone, one minute you're driving along and the next minute *boom* you've gotten into an accident. It's a terrible thing that...

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