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Cathy Crandell

Snow Ski Fanatic, Proud Momma, Marketing Manager

Cathy Crandell

Cathy Crandell

Get Acquainted with Cathy Crandell
Independent Insurance Agent

Cathy Crandell has a simple goal: to save people money. “That’s what everyone wants to do,” she explains. “Everybody wants to save money.”

Cathy is an independent insurance agent specializing in life, health and property and casualty insurance lines. She entered the insurance industry right out of high school. It was immediately obvious that the career was a good fit for her. She excelled in her position and, just as importantly, she loved it. At the age of 20, she earned her insurance license.

“I like educating people on the coverage types they didn’t realize they needed,” Cathy said, explaining that many people think they’re fine with only house and auto coverage and don’t know how many gaps this can leave.

To figure out exactly what her clients need to be fully protected, Cathy takes time to get to know them. “I let them know what’s at risk, especially if they’re well off and have a lot of assets,” she says. Then she shops from a wide selection of companies to find the best rates.

She worked with Jeff Arnold, now the President of RightSure Insurance Group, during the early days of her career. They parted ways for a while, during which time she opened her own insurance agency. Although it was a successful venture, she eventually decided to sell it and return to working for Jeff, whose agency was growing.

“The work atmosphere is absolutely wonderful,” she says, praising the technology at RightSure.

She believes in delivering the best possible customer service, but she’s never going to stretch the truth to make her clients feel better. Honesty is a top priority. She wants clients to know the truth about insurance policies, so they can get the best coverage available.

Her clients mean a lot to her, which is why she doesn’t mind receiving calls from them outside regular office hours. As long as she has some free time to spare, she’s always happy to help.

When Cathy is not working, she can often be found enjoying the great outdoors with her daughter. She is especially fond of skiing but also likes waterskiing and boating. An Arizona native, she loves the state. Some of her favorite areas are Flagstaff, Sunrise and White Mountains.

Contact Cathy Crandell:
Email: cathyc [at] rightsure [dot] com
Phone: 520-901-7607

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