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Cheryl Forman, Senior Agent

Private Client Services, Business Insurance Expert

Cheryl Forman

Cheryl Forman, Senior Agent

You never know what life will throw at you.

That’s why Cheryl Forman works hard to find the best insurance for her clients. She knows not everyone is as excited about insurance as she is. In fact, some people have negative views or think they can’t afford it. But Cheryl’s own experiences with cancer have taught her that you can never predict when catastrophes will strike, and even healthy people can suddenly become sick. She makes sure her clients have the right insurance to help them through their own difficulties.

“I love it when clients say, ‘You saved me so much money,‘“ Cheryl adds. She admits that sometimes her clients are nervous about her suggestions, especially when she recommends smaller carriers instead of the big names they’re familiar with, but she always has their best interest at heart.

“I stay on top of the details,” she says, explaining that her success can, at least in part, be attributed to the fact that she always follows up with her clients.

Cheryl was born in Chicago, but her family moved to Arizona when she was 12 and her father took a job at Cochise College. She attended Northern Arizona University and Pima College to earn a degree in business management.

She began her career in the insurance industry working as an agent assistant. Later, she took a job as an insurance agent at another company, where her commitment to her clients led to her being recognized as employee of the month.

In 2008, she took a job with RightSure Insurance Group. “I was impressed by the technology,” she says of RightSure. She also appreciates the freedom that being an independent agent gives her – putting her in a great position to help her clients.

She sells a variety of insurance products: auto, home, life, health and business. Whatever her clients need, she can find it for them. Among her colleagues, she’s known for her enthusiasm and integrity, and for being a hard-working agent who’s willing to fight for the client when needed.

“I care so much,” she admits. Despite her 15 years’ experience in the industry, she hasn’t slowed down at all. “I work like I did when I first started.” This dedication has helped her become RightSure’s top performing agent for five years in a row.

She still manages to find time for herself and her family, though. She’s married with three grown children. She enjoys family game night and spending time with her grandchild. She also likes reading and gardening.

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